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So What Exactly is an R&D Tax Credit Study?

Learn why R&D tax credit studies are needed and what’s involved in the process For U.S. businesses developing new or improved products or processes, the Research & Development tax credit can be a great tax savings tool. Many taxpayers are aware of the credit. However,...

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5 Benefits to Outsourcing your R&D Tax Work

At Tax Credits Group, we partner with dozens of CPA firms throughout the Midwest. Some of the firms we work with handle the Research & Development tax credit in house but choose to bring in our team of experts as needed.  Others firms we work with choose to outsource...

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Can Helping People Fall in Love Lead to Tax Savings?

What Developers Should Know about Online Dating Apps and the R&D Tax Credit It’s almost Valentine’s Day - a day of love and romance celebrated by many happy couples, and a day of annoyance for many singles. And, it's not just one holiday that is focused on love. Whole...

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