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3 R&D Tax Credit Predictions for 2019

Renewed interest by financial institutions, focused audits by the IRS and expanding State benefits Having had a year to digest the monumental changes made to the U.S. Tax Code by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), it’s now time to turn the focus on the future and...

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So What Exactly is an R&D Tax Credit Study?

Learn why R&D tax credit studies are needed and what’s involved in the process For U.S. businesses developing new or improved products or processes, the Research & Development tax credit can be a great tax savings tool. Many taxpayers are aware of the credit....

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5 Benefits to Outsourcing your R&D Tax Work

At Tax Credits Group, we partner with dozens of CPA firms throughout the Midwest. Some of the firms we work with handle the Research & Development tax credit in house but choose to bring in our team of experts as needed.  Others firms we work with choose to...

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