R&D Is All We Do

Whether you are a business looking to decrease taxes and improve cash flow, or a tax professional looking to provide new services to your clients, the Research and Development Tax Credit can be a great option.  However, the process to claim the credit can be complex and overwhelming, and there is always risk of IRS audit. That’s where we come in.

At Tax Credits Group (TCG), we’ve spent more than 25 years developing a supportable high-value, low-cost process for conducting R&D tax credit studies. We minimize your burden, maximize your value and keep your team focused on what they do best, research and development.

Our experienced tax professionals are former Big-4 R&D credit specialists, IRS agents, CPAs and attorneys. We’ve made a career out of studying and understanding the R&D tax credit and defending our clients under IRS scrutiny.

Quality Expertise

Our efficient staff, years of experience and Midwest pricing structure allow businesses of any size to afford an R&D tax credit study.

Competitive Pricing

When it comes to study fees, our prices are up to 50% less than our national competitors

Flexible Fee Structure

Whether it’s a  hourly, fixed or phased fee, our flexibility ensures we can find a way to meet your budgetary needs.


Built-In Audit Defense

Audit defense from TCG can save clients thousands of dollars, and give clients valuable peace of mind as they wade into unfamiliar territory.

Free Project Scoping & Benefit Analysis

At TCG, we’ll show you the potential value of claiming the R&D tax credit before you engage, not after.

Loyalty Means Savings

We reward our long-term clients with a tiered fee-reduction plan on multi-year R&D tax credit studies.